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  1. Charting Your Course:
    Creating the Foundation to
    Build a Six-Figure Pet Sitting Business
  2. Getting Started:
    12 Start up Tips to Ensure Business
    Success from the Beginning
  3. The One-Hour Business Plan:
    Plan Your Work, Working Your Plan
  4. Because You’re Worth It:
    How Commitment and Self-Worth
    Lead to Net Worth
  5. For the Love of Money:
    Removing the Blocks
    to Let Financial Abundance In
  6. Rise and Shine:
    Creating a Morning Routine
    for Business Success
  7. Getting Organized:
    Daily/Weekly/Monthly Business
    Organization for Optimum Focus
  8. Show me the Money!
    Understanding and Working with
    Basic Business Financials
  9. You are What your Clients See:
    Creating Great Promotional Materials
  10. Get Pet Sitting Clients Now:
    Marketing and Selling that Generates Results
  11. You, the Employer:
    Secrets to Finding, Working with,
    and Keeping Good Staff Members
  12. Client Details in a Service-Based Pet Business:
    How to Provide Great Service and
    Train Your Clients on How to Treat You
  13. Happy Holidays:
    How to Have a Successful and
    Stress-free Pet Sitting Holiday Season
  14. Ready, Set, Goal!:
    Setting Goals to Achieve Pet Sitting
    Business Success
  15. Your R & R-Relief & Relaxation:
    Cures for Pet Sitter Burnout
    & Planning Time for Yourself
  16. The End:
    (But not really...)
  17. Resources
Some pages are omitted from this book preview.

Some pages are omitted from this book preview.

Some pages are omitted from this book preview.

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